Pre-Fabricated Silt Fence

Pre-fabricated Silt Fence consists of 36” woven geotextile fabric attached to 48” wooden post. 100 linear feet per roll.
A silt fence is a temporary barrier designed to retain sediment on the construction site. it consists of posts supporting and attached to a geotextile that is trenched in to the ground. The fence retains sediment primarily be retarding flow and promoting deposition of the sediment on the uphill side of the fence. Runoff is also filtered as it passes through the geotextile.
Silt Fences are intended to intercept and detain small amounts of sediment from disturbed areas.
The use of silt fence as a sediment barrier is not recommended in areas of concentrated flow such as in high flow ditches. In those cases filter berms, silt dikes and excelsior wattles or rock check dams should be used.