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  • S-75 Single Net Straw Blanket

    S-75 is made from 100% agricultural straw stitched with degradable thread to a single photodegradable polypropylene netting. It is designed to provide erosion protection and assist with vegetation establishment for up to 12 months.

  • S-150 Double Net Straw Blanket

    S-150 blanket contains 100% agricultural straw stitched with degradable thread between two degradable polypropylene nettings. 

  • SC-150 Double Net Straw-Coconut Blanket

    SC-150 features a 70% agricultural straw / 30% coconut fiber matrix stitched with degradable thread between a UV stabilized top netting a standard polypropylene bottom netting. The product has a functional longevity of up to 24 months.

  • C-125 Double Net Coconut Blanket

    C-125 includes a layer of 100% coconut fiber stitched with UV stabilized polypropylene thread between two UV stabilized polypropylene nettings. This product is designed to provide up to 36 months of temporary protections slopes exceeding 1:1 and in high-flow channels.

  • C-350 Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mat

    C-350 is comprised of a permanent, super high strength three dimensional matting structure incorporated with a 100% coconut fiber matrix. The C-350 is designed to provide both long term, pre-vegetated erosion protection and permanent turf reinforcement in a wide variety of applications including critical flow channels, stream banks and shorelines.
  • P-300 Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mat

    P-300 features a 100% UV stabilized polypropylene fiber matrix stitched between two UV stabilized nettings. Typical applications include severe slopes and roadside ditch protection. P-300 provides vegetated shear stress protection up to eight pounds per square foot. As un-reinforced vegetation often fails at shear stress levels of beyond two pounds per square foot, P-300 can be used to provide green solutions in a wide variety of problem areas.
  • 2000 Hydro-Mulch

    Conwed 2000 is an ideal choice for critical sites with up to 2:1 slopes. In addition to 100% wood content 2000 contains a pre-blended high viscosity, organic guar-gum tackifier.
  • Enviroblend with Slikshot Hydro-Mulch

    Enviroblend is the number one selling bland in the industry. Slikshot additive creates better yield, less hose clogging and better ground coverage. Enviroblend delivers up to 15% greater yield to contractors versus competitive blend products. Enviroblend with tackifier added also available.
  • Erosion Control Polymers (PAM’s)

    Applied Polymer Systems is the only company in the world that manufactures these specific types of erosion control and water clarification products. Also, we’ve had our products tested by universities, water management districts and Department of Transportation groups who have proven them to work and proven them safe for the environment.
    Silt Stop® emulsion or powder products and Floc Log® gel blocks are specifically tailored for each soil type and water chemistry. These products help to alleviate erosion while encouraging the growth of vegetation.

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