• GeoRidge Ditch Berm

    GeoRidge is a permeable plastic berm designed for erosion and sediment control. The berms are constructed of a UV stabilized HDPE and designed to replace traditional straw bale ditch berms.

  • Geoweb Cellular Confinement System

    Geoweb can improve the performance of your structural fill in a wide range of applications…from single-layer road bases to multi-layer earth retention structures. The cellular confinement system provides innovative solutions to soil stabilization problems in a unique and technically sound way.

  • TX-140

    TriAx geogrid offers an innovative rib structure with near isotropic properties and advanced characteristics that improve upon the time tested performance of our industry leading biaxial geogrid.

  • TX-160

    With it’s unique triangular structure, TriAx geogrid represents a revolutionary advancement in geogrid technology.  It’s multi-directional properties leverage the triangular geometry, one of constructions most stable shapes, to provide a new level of in-plane stiffness.


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