• Geoskin

    Cotton, by nature, is porous, absorbent and biodegradable; an unaltered and near-perfect foundation for hydromulch. Companioned with straw and patent-pending blend of additives and tackifiers, GeoSkin Cotton Hydromulch is not only strong, but earth-loving, easy to apply and most importantly, demonstrates unprecedented results in erosion control and seed establishment. It is non-toxic and will not harm wildlife, fish or water quality.
  • HydraCX2

    Nothing contours to the uneven surfaces of the earth-and delivers erosion protection and vegetation-like HydraCX2. Its all-natural cotton fibers form a protective web that holds soil in place on the steepest slopes, even against heavy wind and rain. And, the all-natural cotton of HydraCX2 holds just the right amount of moisture to quickly establish germination and promote vegetation growth for permanent erosion

  • Jet-Spray Hydro-Mulch

    Jet-Spray is designed specifically for jet-agitated hydraulic machines and loads up to 90% faster than traditional hydraulic mulch.
  • P-550 Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mat

    P-550 is comprised of a permanent, ultra high strength three dimensional matting structure incorporated with a 100% polypropylene fiber matrix. The P-550 is designed to provide both long term, prevegetaed erosion protection and permanent turf reinforcement in a wide variety of applications, including extreme-flow channels, spillways, stream banks and shorelines.
  • Profile Neutra-Lime

    Neutra-Lime Dry is a high concentration of limestone that can create a 1 point ph change within 10 days of treatment. It is ideal for quick soil ph change in the seed germination zone. Neutra-Lime will last a minimum of 18 weeks, at which time agg lime will become effective.

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